Summer 2023 Schedule!

WooooooHOOO! It’s almost time for our NINETEENTH season here in Cody!

Wow… so much has changed in nineteen years. But what HASN’T changed is the quality entertainment, the laughter, the sentiment and the MUSIC we love to share with visitors to our Wyoming hometown!

If you’re planning a visit to our corner of the Cowboy State, please come spend an hour with us! Our performances are at 3:30 p.m. on the awesome stage at 1601 Stampede Avenue here in Cody. Check out our calendars HERE to see if we’ll have a show on the dates you’ll be in town.

We can’t wait to spend our summer with old friends… and new!

3 thoughts on “Summer 2023 Schedule!

  1. We live in Dallas, but went to your show in Shipshewana recently (also last time you were there a few yrs back). Y’all are so talented!!!! So enjoyed the evening! I didn’t recall that Wendy sang solo, but my goodness…was blown away with her rendition of “Independence Day”. We hope to get to Cody for your show there one day also. Dan, I’m sure that Garrett is very proud of you!


  2. Thanks!! Have a great season – miss seeing you!! Fran and David Olson

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