On the Move in 2023!

We are so excited to announce the dates for our 2023 tour! Six weeks, nine states, and 28 concerts…

Dan, Wendy, and our friend Stephanie Streeter will be traveling from town to town and state to state, from the end of January to mid-March, bringing our signature cowboy, country, gospel, bluegrass and Americana blend of music to folks all over the midwest!

If we’re going to be near YOUR city, be sure to make your plans to come see us! You can find our full tour schedule HERE!

3 thoughts on “On the Move in 2023!

  1. So excited to read this announcement! Call Tonja’s sister in Kansas that you are going to Beloit which is where our niece lives Gretin Staples and wander if she has something to do with getting you there! So we will tell our friends and family in Nebr and SD plus Minn! I grew up in Nebr and my wife Tonja in the Beloit area of Kansas. We might make a trip out to Kansas to also see you guys! Even in the cold that’s how much we enjoy Dan Miller! We saw you in 2016 with our granddaughters in Cody. Hope some day you will get closer to Connecticut!


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