Home, Sweet Home!

Well, it’s been a whirlwind month, but thirty days after Dan drove away from Cody to begin his 8,000 mile drive around the country, we’re all back with our families in familiar surroundings! What an excellent adventure – and here are a few pictures to show just how much fun we had!


Dan drove from Texas to Virginia to Arizona… and boy, did we see some country!

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From the Antietam Battlefield in Maryland to downtown Nashville, Tennessee, we really tried to experience our country’s varied cultures!

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We played in some AMAZING theatres! And churches… and RV parks… and in hotel rooms and friends’ homes!

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The longest we stayed at one hotel was three nights – otherwise it was every day or every other day that we drove and moved into another hotel. We got really good at living out of our suitcases!

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And we had FUN! Stephanie is our “class clown” – Shelbi is always up for adventure. Wendy is the den mother – Dan is our fearless leader.

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So now we’re going our separate ways again – Shelbi is spending the winter with her family in California; Stephanie is studying for her real estate exam and hanging with her folks in Billings, Montana; Wendy is reporting news from northwest Wyoming; and Dan is getting ready to hit the road again in a couple of weeks to host National Finals Tonight in Las Vegas. We look forward to joining up again in February and bringing the show to venues in Texas and New Mexico!

2 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home!

  1. Wish we could have followed you on this trip!! #1 we never tire of listening to you all and #2 you look like fun tour guides!!!! Have a “sungy” winter and be safe on your daily journeys – see you again in Cody, WY!!!!


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