The Gang’s Back Together!

History – it’s a funny thing. When four people have been playing music together for over a decade, that’s something to celebrate!

When Dan first started his Cowboy Music Revue in 2005, two of the founding members were Tim Bushnell on guitar and mandolin, and six-year-old Hannah reciting a cowboy poem (for which her dad promptly gave her a dollar on the spot each night).

Wendy joined the band in 2008, and she was impressed each night by Tim’s incredible musical talent, and completely charmed by then nine-year-old Hannah, who had picked up the fiddle and was playing her rendition of “Flop Eared Mule” for crowds at the Cody Theatre six nights a week in the summer.

And now here we are in 2021 – the seventeenth summer since the Cowboy Music Revue debuted, and guess who is on stage at the little theatre next to the Irma Hotel?

  • Dan, with his rich voice as smooth as ever, making audiences laugh and feel like they are a part of the performance.
  • Wendy, who joins in with harmony, rocks songs like “Independence Day” and croons ballads like “Love At the Five and Dime” and keeps the beat on the bass.
  • Beautiful Hannah, who has mastered that fiddle (and added mandolin to her skill set) and whose lovely alto charms guests from all over the country.
  • And here again is Tim, whose nimble fingers add so much to each song and draws huge rounds of applause each weekend, playing leads on songs like “Ghost Riders In the Sky” and “San Antonio Stroll”.

Come experience the show that visitors from all over the world walk away from with smiles on their faces and songs in their hearts!!

To make reservations, call Wendy at (307) 899-2799 – we’ll be here Monday through Saturday through the end of September!

3 thoughts on “The Gang’s Back Together!

  1. Going to try to get there this year from Cookeville,TN Dennis Smith

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    1. Dianne, I apologize for not replying to your earlier question, but the NFT show is still uncertain for this year. Sorry we don’t have anything more concrete to tell you!


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