Dan Miller’s Cowboy Music Revue – Authentic cowboy music in the heart of downtown Cody, Wyoming!

Dan Miller’s Cowboy Music Revue celebrates our eighteenth (18th!) season as the best musical entertainment in Buffalo Bill’s Cody Country! Drawing from his Nashville days, Dan and his Empty Saddles Band play musical styles ranging from cowboy and Americana to bluegrass and gospel.

More than 180,000 visitors—from almost 70 countries around the world—have enjoyed the show as part of their Wyoming vacation.

For more information, call Wendy at 307-899-2799.

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi there Dan, Wendy and Hanna, probably don’t remember me Gerry Trujillo but I drove Tauck tours with Jan and Murray for a few years. anyways hope you are all doing fine.
    Question when is the end of the season for you this year? I have some friends that I would love to send your way.


    1. Hi, Gerry! Our season ends at the end of September. We play Monday-Saturday until then – if you’ve got folks you want to send our way, we would love it! They can call me (Wendy) to make reservations, 307-899-2799. Hope you’re doing well!


  2. Just saw you on The Diner loved the music and comedy from Dan loved it. Would you ever be in Arizona? Would love to come and hear the great music


    1. So glad you enjoyed our performance on The Diner! We don’t have any scheduled shows at this point in Arizona, the closest we’ll be is in Raton, NM in February. But we’re hoping to get some more bookings that way! Stay tuned to our website for our full schedule. Take care!


  3. The Diner performance was was great. I have watched it at least four times and it gets better every time. Any chance of your booking any show close to Cincinnati?


    1. So glad you enjoyed our performance, Ken! We aren’t scheduled to be in Cincinnati anytime soon… the closest we are going to be is in southern Wisconsin in early March. Stay tuned to our website – as soon as we have details, we’ll post them!


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