Thanks For Another Great Season!

What a joy it was to be able to perform for live audiences this year! New friends – and old – made the season so memorable.

Although we’re ending our summer show, we will be performing around the country this winter!! As we know dates, we will update the website and social media, so you know where to find us!

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC, dear friends!! See you soon!

4 thoughts on “Thanks For Another Great Season!

  1. Thanks for the great show in Cody. Always make a stop when we are on our western excursion. Maybe we will see you this winter if you get close to Hilton Head, SC.


  2. My grandma is looking forward to seeing you if you come to San Diego, California! She saw you in 2008 and still loves to listen to your music.


    1. How fun is that!! We’d love to come to San Diego, that’s Dan’s old stomping grounds. Stay tuned to the website and we’ll let everyone know what our winter travel plans are!


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