Thank you, Wenatchee!

What an AWESOME turnout in Wenatchee, Washington! Over 650 people were in attendance, according to the Community Concert Association, one of their biggest crowds ever for a Community Concert.

Wenatchee trio

We are grateful to James Wallace, the tech director at Wenatchee High School, and his young crew, who made it a great experience on stage, and a fantastic, responsive audience.

And the town was beautiful! Having never traveled to Wenatchee before, it was a lovely surprise to see the majestic Columbia River winding through the city. Great restaurants, fabulous lodging, and friendly people made it a memorable trip.

Next up – Terrell, Texas and Morgan City, Louisiana on the 22nd and 24th of October, respectively. When you come, get ready to welcome the newest member of our band, Stephanie Wilson! You can read more about her on our “About the Band” page.

2 thoughts on “Thank you, Wenatchee!

  1. You folks were fantastic and your music was fresh and your presentation had a real hometown genuine appeal. This appeal was really felt by the audience which were just a bunch of hometown folks that happen to live in a beautiful place called Wenatchee. I don’t know if Wendy shared with you, Dan, but I invited all of you to experience some Wenatchee hospitality at our friend’s home on the Columbia River with a boat cruise and some fun food. Perhaps next time.
    Carlton Olson


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