Cruisin’ – What an Adventure!

What a great time we had on the Larry’s Country Diner / Country’s Family Reunion Cruise! We left Galveston on January 28th, stopped in Roatan, Honduras; Puerta Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico; returning to Texas on February 4th. We had the chance to open for the fantastically funny Nadine, and appeared on stage with our fellow entertainers at the Country’s Family Reunion finale. We met fantastic folks from all over the country (and the world! A wonderful couple from Scotland was on board), spent time with family and friends, and Dan renewed acquaintances with Nashville movers and shakers that he’s known for years.

One thought on “Cruisin’ – What an Adventure!

  1. We were cruising too and loved meeting you, Hannah and Wendy. It was a wonderful adventure, well organized, all the shows were so good. Your segment opening for Nadine Show was fantastic. We still cannot believe we were in Cody two years ago and did not go to the Dan Miller Cowboy Revue – we didn’t even know about it, yet we were at the museum for 2-days!! Fixing that this year – planning a trip back to Cody and making reservations for the revue !! Your pictures of the cruise are great.


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