We’re Back in Nashville!


We’re thrilled to be back in Nashville, ready to film another episode of Larry’s Country Diner!

We’ll be told the air date when we film, and will be sure to let all of our friends know via our website and our Facebook page.

6 thoughts on “We’re Back in Nashville!

  1. We’re thrilled that your headed to do a show on Larry’s Country Diner!
    Anxious also for a new CD anything in the works?


  2. We were fortunate to be able to see you today! We love LCD, and the fact that you will be on the next cruise!! Looking forward to seeing you then. John and Becky Powell, Huntsville AL!!!


  3. Saw the show on Larry’s. Loved your music, and your outgoing personalities. Great. Enjoyed everything. Loved how you “wrangled” your way on the cruise.


    1. It was pretty funny the way that door just kind of opened and we walked right through! Completely spontaneous – just like the rest of the Diner shows! Glad you enjoyed it.


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